Addiction Recovery Resources

Tools to aid in life & recovery.

Addiction recovery is a process that’s different for everyone.  These tools & resources can guide you in all stages of your recovery & discovery journey.

12 Steps to Prevent Relapsing

This comprehensive list can help you remain free from addictions forever.

Abdominal Breathing

This breathing technique can help you come out of fight-or-flight mode and into a more relaxed state of the autonomous nervous system.

CBA & Play the Tape

The “CBA (Cost-Benefit Analysis) & Play the Tape” is a favourite ‘go-to’ tool from SMART Recovery (  It helps you quickly realize that the costs far outweigh any benefits that might come from indulging in your addiction.

COGNITIVE Distortions

This list of the most common thought distortions was created by Dr. David Burns, ( best-selling author of the new mood therapy book called Feeling Good, and the follow-up book titled Feeling Great!


Many addictions come from a deficiency in dopamine, so learning how to cope with life without using harmful substances & behaviours can help prevent relapsing.  Tap into your internal pharmacy to naturally boost your moods!

Cost-Benefit Analysis to Make a Decision

You can use a Cost-Benefit Analysis to reach a decision about anything!  When you get “it” out of your head and into the ether (or onto paper), you will be able to see more clearly the costs or risks versus the benefits or rewards of both sides ~ either doing or not doing, using or not using, etc.

Defining Your CORE VALUES

We all have core values that motivate us, whether we’ve thought about them or not.  This worksheet will help you define & refine what is most important to you.  It’s an exercise that will provide clarity and provide you with conviction to make any necessary changes you want to make.

PIUS for Communication

Communication, and lack thereof, can make or break your relationships.  This PIUS technique is helpful to the whole family, so you can learn how to create and maintain healthy boundaries.

Stages of Change from SMART

SMART is an acronym for Self Management And Recovery Training (  This secular program for addiction recovery uses a variety of cognitive approaches to guide behaviour change, including this Stages of Change tool which can help you apply different tools to each stage of your recovery journey.

Your Inner Pharmacy

Our brain is a chemical organ operating on 80 different chemicals.  We have the ability to tap into our own internal pharmacy to naturally boost our moods!  Print off this sheet to learn how to activate your happiness chemicals.

Unconditional Acceptance

Unconditional Acceptance for myself, for others, and for life has been the hammer in my toolbox.  In this tool, you’ll find a playlist for some of my favourite SMART videos that drive home the importance of Unconditional Acceptance.

URGE Management

Urges are the physical manifestation of cravings.  Learning to recognize these craving-thoughts as soon as they occur can help you to stop the urge!

When you learn a new way to THINK, you learn a new way to LIVE, and a new way to BE.