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Recovery Programs and After-Care Structure

Red Roof Recovery (RRR) is an inclusive and customizable program of recovery that can be aligned and designed to meet your values and needs.  We are all different, and we all require different solutions to our different problems.

This is not a boxed program.  It’s a program that is personalized to YOU and YOUR RECOVERY.

This unique residential program has impressive statistics for people who have completed the week and COMMIT to a structured, after-care program to maintain their motivation to abstain from harmful substances and behaviours.

RRR uses a variety of recovery tools (including Cognitive and Rational Behaviour Therapies from SMART – self management and recovery training), together with techniques from TEAM-CBT from Dr. David Burns who is a pioneer in the field of cognitive behaviour therapy. Dr. Burns is also the best-selling author of several books, including the highly acclaimed “Feeling Good – the clinically proven drug-free treatment for depression.”

One-on-One individual sessions are also available in the after-care program – either in person or on zoom – and also for larger groups of people wanting to learn rational emotive and other cognitive behavioural therapies, mindfulness practices, and countless other techniques to help you build a balanced and fulfilling recovery that you can sustain and won’t want or need to escape from.

The Residential Recovery Program

RRR offers a unique transformational recovery experience in Canada’s prettiest town of Goderich, ON. As a client of this exclusive, ONE-WEEK immersion program you will enjoy living in a private, self-contained space where you will spend your days in a structured, supervised, and immersive routine of education, exercises, and wellness activities to feed and heal your soul and reset your mindset.

You will benefit from one-on-one focused and intensive training from SMART (self management and recovery training) and TEAM-CBT (the creation of Dr. David Burns).  You will experience countless other therapies and techniques during the week that will melt away your limiting beliefs, adjust your mindset, and help you forge new habits that will create a life you love and a life you won’t need to escape from.

The cost is currently $9,000.00, plus HST, in Canadian currency.
Check in on Friday night and leave the following Friday with a new lease on life, and a structured after-care plan that will move you through your new way of thinking, your new way of living, and your new way of being.
Price includes lifetime after-care program,
and reduced pricing for personalized, one-on-one sessions.
Financing is available through Medicard:


Relapse Prevention & After Care Programs

Maintain your work and family obligations while attending 90-minute online sessions that are engaging, interactive, and focused on you and your recovery. We offer a variety of customized programs that are designed to help you achieve and maintain recovery from addiction and other mental health disorders. Our programs focus on positive coping skills and behaviour-change techniques to support you with early intervention, prevention, and ongoing recovery.  Sign up for the course here: https://redroofrecovery.thinkific.com/collections


The Connection

RRR has a diverse menu to restore and inspire you on your journey of recovery, wellness, and fulfillment.  I’m always happy to have a 15-minute chat with you to see what program and/or service could be a possible solution for you. Book your appointment here: https://calendly.com/redroofrecovery

We love to stay in touch with our community on all levels. We invite you to join our mailing list, where you will be the first to find out about new programs and special events. Emails contain helpful info to maintain abstinence from problematic substances and behaviours, and manage the general adversities of life.