How do you feel about negative feedback and criticism?
I heard a quote recently that I wasn’t
really sure how I felt about it… it said “Honest criticism is the highest praise.”
I’m thinking
is there really any such thing as honest
criticism, because really that’s
subjective right?!
I mean like everything
is subjective… honest criticism? criticism
is the highest praise?
I guess it depends on where the
criticism is coming from.
And what the context is… but overall you
know generally negative feedback is more about how you handle it… how do you feel when you
hear something negative about yourself?
I mean, one thing for sure, in this
lifetime there’s not going to be any
shortage of criticism.
And I’m wondering
if this particular quote – this ‘honest
criticism is the highest praise’ – you know, can you
really consider any kind of
criticism a degree of praise?
My dad used to have a
saying that ‘praise is better than a
raise,’ and I certainly believe that!
We all like to be reinforced about our
our talents and our skills and know that
we’re doing a good job.
So it’s a really a fine wire to deliver criticism on any
level.  How do you deliver negative
feedback?  Is there any such thing as
constructive criticism?
What makes
criticism constructive to begin with?
I just wanted to toss that around
about how how you feel about criticism.
I really think we should be looking at a more
strength-based approach to everything
rather than looking for criticism in
We should be looking for the
strengths and the talents and
what can be developed, instead of looking
at the downside of things.
But I guess
perhaps that’s just my positive nature
and it’s something that I do have to
work at every day… but it is becoming a
habit just like these videos are
becoming a habit.
I want to thank
Sheryl Plouff from the bottom of my
heart for pushing me out of my Comfort
Zone because I took Sheryl’s coaching
course one summer and she is still
mentoring me… so thank you Sheryl – you’re such a great
teacher! thank you so much!!!
For you, I want you to think about
criticism and how you are perhaps
delivering it and how we receive it.
Nobody wants to
receive criticism, right?!
So again – be that mirror…  we want to reflect what we
want to receive.
My wish for you is to always
have praise instead of criticism, to live
well, laugh often, love always, and stay