Helping Your Loved One
Overcome Addiction

How To Help Your Loved One
Seek Recovery Sooner Than Later.

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Join us for Guidance and Resources to Help You Support your Loved One through their Addiction Recovery Journey.

In this online training, you can learn how to transform your communication
to be more effective for helping your Loved One seek recovery sooner than later.


Friday, March 24th
11:00 AM

Los Angeles

Thursday, March 23rd
4:00 PM

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Register For The Training
This Online Training is 100% Free Right Now!

In This Online Training You’ll Discover…

Secret #1


When the cabin pressure changes in a plane and the oxygen mask falls in front of us, the instruction is to put the mask on yourself first, even if your child is sitting beside you.

This can be a very hard thing to accept for most people, especially parents.

We’ll uncover some simple self-care strategies that can help you feel more empowered and hopeful to help your loved one.

Secret #2


Recognizing enabling behaviours can be a challenge, because we just want to do anything possible to help our loved ones.

Instead of fearing your loved one’s anger and defensiveness, you’ll learn how to create and maintain healthy respect lines that are easier to accept for both you and your loved one.

Secret #3


Learn how to effectively communicate with your loved one so they’re less likely to become defensive and more likely to see recovery sooner than later.
I’ll also share the template to plan your conversations to make the most impact at the optimum time.

Meet Your Hosts….

Lance and Tanya operate Red Roof Recovery, a unique residential recovery program in Goderich, Ontario.

Tanya MacIntyre overcame drug and alcohol addictions that progressed over a 20-year career as a broadcast journalist. She’s now a Certified Addiction-Recovery Facilitator and TEAM-CBT Therapist with 14+ years of experience.

Lance Lickfold lived through Tanya’s addictions with her (in their now 30+ year marriage), and brings a family perspective to their business and programs.

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