Actual Recovery Program Clients

Recovery Program Testimonials

Many clients wish to remain anonymous as their addiction recovery journey is so personal. Some have chosen to speak about their experience and we are thrilled they have seen positive results.

“I got so much more out of Tanya’s recovery program than I ever expected! Her program works, and works well, because it is such a one-on-one experience. Hugely different from any other program in a large facility. Having my own apartment to stay in while I was there provided comfort & privacy… it was fantastic. Therapy of any type can be emotionally exhausting. Having a safe space to work through my emotions and rest when needed was particularly important to me. Knowing that Tanya was right there in the same home, if I needed ANYTHING, helped a great deal.

The program Tanya has created has structure, is focused, and at times even intense (in a positive way). In many ways, Tanya can customize and tailor to individual needs, depending on where work needs to be done and what goals are being worked toward. It was very personal. The framework and outline are there, but I was drawn to the fact that it is not a “one size fits all” program.”

Kristine C.

Residential Program

“AWESOME, AWESOME, AWESOME presentation. Loved every word.”

Gary J. Cambridge, ON

“I went into this program wanting to maintain my positivity and enjoy a state of grace. After 12 weeks of training with Tanya, I have greater mental clarity and more peace of mind.

I am very pleased with this program because it has made me aware of my power to control my thoughts to serve me in a healthier way.”

Lisa W.Kitchener, ON

Hybrid/ Remote Program

“Tanya is a super teacher and I highly recommend her! I could listen to her all day. She is engaging and really makes you want to work with her and learn. She shares her knowledge clearly & patiently so that every one of her students understands before she moves on to something new.”

Melanie B. Cambridge, ON

“Tanya is fantastic, professional, and easy to follow.”

Suzie H. Cambridge, ON

When you learn a new way to THINK, you learn a new way to LIVE, and a new way to BE.