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Tanya & Lance offer thoughtful conversations about a variety of science-based approaches to build a life beyond addiction… a life that you don’t need to escape from!

Models of Recovery – Do They Work?

Episode 29: In the world of addiction recovery, there are "models" of recovery like the 12-step programs of AA (alcoholic's anonymous) and NA (narcotics anonymous), and more evidence-based models of recovery like SMART (self management and...

It Helps to Learn the 3 C’s of Recovery

Episode 28: How do you talk to yourself? You spend more time talking to yourself, inside our own head, than you talk to anyone - so it's worth the effort to make it a nice place to be! Self talk is powerful. That inner dialogue can often...

Maintain Motivation with Your Inner Pharmacy

How do you maintain motivation to abstain from addictions? It's a question that comes up a lot in recovery meetings. Lance and Tanya talk about the definition of motivation, the dopamine deficit that makes people biologically vulnerable to addictions, and how you can...

Red Roof Recovery vlog – Episode 26

The concept of unconditional acceptance can often take a long time to accept! On this episode, Lance and Tanya talk about the challenge of accepting 'acceptance' when it comes to recovering from substance and behavioural addictions.

Episode 15 – Red Roof Recovery show

REBT therapist Dr. Windy Dryden makes a rare 'podcast' appearance to discuss how and why rational emotive behaviour therapy can be an effective treatment to manage mental health disorders like addiction. Connect with Windy at...

Episode 11 – Red Roof Recovery show

Learning how to overcome and manage mental health disorders like addictions is always the topic of conversation on every episode of the Red Roof Recovery show.

When you learn a new way to THINK, you learn a new way to BE, and a new way to LIVE.

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