Motivation is the ‘secret sauce’ of life, isn’t it?  We’re told that we can accomplish anything, when we’re motivated.

We live in an achievement-oriented society, and we’re inundated with messages and pressures to perform & provide.  We’ve created multi-billion dollar industries to provide us with the motivation to achieve things like the ideal weight, wardrobe, hairstyle, partner, lifestyle, etc.

From the time we’re born, we’re expected to reach certain ‘milestones of life.’  As infants and toddlers we’re expected to sit, talk, and walk at a certain age.  As children, we’re expected to go to school, get good grades, and follow the rules.  As adults, we’re expected to get a job, a house, a family, an annual holiday, save for retirement, pay taxes, and follow the rules.

Motivation is the oil that greases the wheels of life, and it never seems to ease up on the pressure.  Is it any wonder that we’re now considered to be the most stressed, depressed, and over-medicated population in history?!

The topics we cover – in these newsletters, and on podcast episodes – are not just for addictions, they’re for life.

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