Addiction Recovery + After-care Programs

Personalized programs designed to meet your needs. Break FREE and achieve lasting success!

Red Roof Recovery (RRR) specializes in personalized programs of recovery that can be aligned and designed to meet your values and needs.  We are all different, and we all require different solutions to our different problems.

These are not boxed programs.  Our programs are personalized to YOU and YOUR RECOVERY.

RRR uses a variety of recovery tools (including Cognitive and Rational Emotive Behavioural Therapies); plus clinically proven drug-free treatments from TEAM-CBT from Dr. David Burns who is a pioneer in the field of cognitive behaviour therapy.


Choose the treatment program for you!

Online Treatment Programs

4 or 8 Week Treatment Programs

4 weeks


  • 3 one-on-one therapy sessions.
  • 1 family therapy session.
  • After-care course to maintain motivation.
  • Weekly group therapy with opportunities to benefit from ongoing facilitation, education, and peer support.

4 Week Addiction Treatment Program $5,900

8 weeks


  • 4 one-on-one therapy sessions each month.
  • 2 family therapy sessions.
  • After-care course to maintain motivation.
  • Weekly group therapy with opportunities to benefit from ongoing facilitation, education, and peer support.

8 Week Treatment Program $ 9,900

Residential Treatment Program

7 Day Immersive Private Experience

An exclusively appointed, ONE WEEK residential, addiction recovery and relapse-prevention program – located in Canada’s prettiest town of Goderich, Ontario.

Check in on Friday after work and leave the following Friday with a new lease on life, and a structured plan to SUSTAIN your freedom from addiction. Your LIFETIME after-care plan guides you through your new way of thinking, your new way of living, and your new way of being.

We use cutting edge techniques such as ACT, CBT, DBT, EFT, MBSR, MET, REBT, +++. We are committed to delivering a first-class experience aimed at smoothing your path of recovery with a solid foundation.

As a client of this exclusive program you will enjoy living in a PRIVATE, self-contained space where you benefit from one-on-one focused and intensive training to personalize your experience. This unique residential program has impressive statistics for people who have completed the week and COMMIT to a structured, LIFETIME After-Care Program to maintain their motivation to remain free from addiction.

7-day immersion – includes a private apartment in a comfortable, quiet, and secure residential setting, a structured routine, daily direction, support, and instruction from a Certified CBT Professional and peer-support facilitator.

  • A Blueprint for Recovery: a detailed, personal, tailored plan to guarantee success, PLUS…
  • LIFETIME After-Care courses and resources to maintain motivation.
  • Weekly group therapy and online after-care program for life!

1 week – $9,000

One-On-One Coaching

Help by the Hour to Reset, Recommit, Refresh!

One-on-One individual sessions are also available – either in person or on zoom – where you will learn rational emotive and other cognitive behavioural therapies, mindfulness practices, and countless other techniques to help you build a balanced and fulfilling recovery that you can sustain and won’t want or need to escape from.

“Tanya’s sessions helped me make profound changes to my thinking. Intuitively, I knew that all the pieces for living a more fulfilling life were there, but didn’t know how to fit the pieces together. Tanya introduced me to several modes of therapy that shed an understanding of self that I have never experienced before. The uniqueness and personalization of Tanya’s sessions are life changers for me.”  – Client


Relapse Prevention - Be FREE for Life!

After-Care and Relapse-Prevention Program.

This After-Care and Relapse-Prevention Program can help you remain free from addictions.

Relapse Prevention – Be FREE Forever!
Physical sobriety is a great first step. The next step is your emotional sobriety. This program retrains your brain, using effective techniques and tools from a variety of modalities. You will learn everything you need to maintain your freedom from addictions and lead a more peaceful and balanced life.


Get Sober!

3 Simple Steps

Get Sober!

Do you Want to Get Sober?

Learn the 3 Steps to STOP what’s becoming (or has become) unmanageable.

Recovery doesn’t take long. It takes a persistent willingness to exert consistent efforts to help yourself.  Let’s get going!


Stay Sober!

Develop Resilience

Stay Sober!

You will learn how to tolerate short-term frustration and discomfort. You will develop stronger resilience. You will create a plan to stay engaged in your recovery. You will have a “playlist” and “toolbox” you can use to MAINTAIN your recovery.



Help a Loved One

Family & Friends

How to Help Your Loved One Overcome Addiction

How to Help a Loved One Overcome Addictions is an excellent resource for family and friends who are struggling to help their loved one who is stuck in addictions.


When you learn a new way to THINK, you learn a new way to LIVE, and a new way to BE.