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The reason that we collect this info is to identify the total number of people that view our website, what specific pages that they look at the most often, and for the length of time that they stay on the site. This helps us understand what information and web sections perform better and capturing viewers interest. This allows us to make adjustments to our website to make it better and more appealing. Specific names or individual information connected to this information are catalogued, it is simply your “internet address” or IP address. This information isn’t used to directly identify people, and if it’s ever shared with our partners or advertisers, then it’s in aggregate form, and not in a way that would allow the personal identification of any user.

Are requesting to subscribe to our mailing list, or receiving our programs, participating in a survey, making a purchase, or requesting a quote, then we will collect the info that you freely decide to give us in the sign-up process, form, or questionnaire. That may include name, address, email, phone number, and any other info you choose to provide.


We may directly send you offers and/or relevant news in regards to your interest in our website. We don’t share your information with any 3rd parties if you haven’t given us your direct permission to do so. When you become a part of our email list, we assume that you’ve given The Good News Only permission to share that information with 3rd parties to help give you better experience, specialized knowledge, and relevant offers. The option to opt-out of our list will always be made available to you, as well as any sharing any of your info will be prohibited. Except when we are required by law to disclose said information or sharing that info is necessary to protect the rights of The Good News Only.


If you desire not to receive any further information as a part of our mailing list, simply scroll to the bottom of any email you’ve received as a part of that list, and then click the “unsubscribe” link. Another option is to email us at and state your name and email address, along with your request to opt-out.


If you have any queries, contact us here.


You are unable to sign up for our mailing list if you are under the age of 13. A legal guardian may sign up in order to receive information on behalf of the child, and the legal guardian reserves the right to terminate this membership if their child is receiving any emails from us. This is due to the privacy laws for children, and not due to it being inappropriate content. If you need to request that your child be taken off of our mailing list, please contact us here.