hi there Tanya MacIntyre with a positive

Ponder for you today are you the slave or the master

I’m talking about the slave or the

master of your mind I want you to be the

gatekeeper of your mind I want you to

become aware of what you’re allowing to

seep into your mind

they say we are now processing about 50

to 70

000 thoughts each and every day

and that is still probably a

conservative estimate so that’s a lot of

thought to process and it’s likely that

all of those thoughts are mostly

negative because we humans are trained

early on from infancy to create a

default of negativity in our mindset and

that comes from the programming that we

get in our environment and from

advertising messages and mainstream

media telling us that we are inferior

we’re never good enough until we buy

something or take something to feel


so I want you to start being aware of

what you’re allowing into your mind

I was even standing at an elevator the

other day and I was inundated with

advertising messages from a screen that


secured above the elevator while I was

waiting for the elevator I couldn’t even

escape from advertising waiting for an

elevator so you know I mean we’re

spending a third of Our Lives now in

front of a screen of some sort and we

are inundated with all of these messages

it is it can really be smothering

and when we carry that load of

negativity on our shoulders every day it

really starts to wear us down

so I want you just to try and experiment

with me I’ve created a seven day media

fast I jokingly say to people try the

diet that really works a media fast

don’t watch read or listen to news and

see how much your life improves try it

for just seven days and I can almost

guarantee that you will be feeling

better I should actually call it instead

of a media fast seven days to a more

positive view are you ready for this

okay go to

www.thegoodnewsonly.com and let me know

how you do with it where are the

challenges how else can I help I do

provide a multitude of positive media

resources for you so that should get you

on the right track

my wish for you is to always be the

gatekeeper of your mind be the master

not the slave be well Live Well laugh

often love always and stay positive

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