What, ME, a Snob?!!!
recently called me a
snob and it felt
like a slap in the face!
I was really taken back by it, so I wanted
to look up the definition of what is a ‘snob.’
I practice something called cognitive
behavioral therapy (CBT) which which is just
thinking therapy.  To remain free from my addictions, I constantly
engage with CBT to counteract my ‘stinking thinking!’
I think we do too much thinking LOL.
So, back to the ‘snob’ definition…
according to the
dictionary, a snow is a person who imitates
cultivates or
slavishly admires social superiors and
is condescending or overbearing to
Wowzer, that’s pretty heavy, eh?!
I’ve also been called intimidating, and
it’s never easy to hear those things.  For me,
it’s a judgment that I
don’t think is warranted because I don’t
think I’m a snob.  Maybe I I can be
intimidating… I try to keep that in
check.  And, then I’m reminded of stoic
wisdom that tells us, “Perception is projection!”
So… people’s perception of me is a reflection of them, and my
response to them is an awareness of
My Philosopher Dad always used to
say that “Lady life is a tough teacher
because we always get the test before
the lesson!”
I find myself
sometimes falling into that
Vortex of, you know, feeling sad and
discouraged and defeated… and then when
someone says something so judgmental
it hurts!
I have to really reflect on that, to say ‘how am I
showing up?’
The Learning Experience
for me ~ the lesson here ~ is that
we come through everything with an
awareness… and my awareness is that
while it’s good to soften the sharp
edges of my personality (and I do have
some sharp edges)… I’m told by my
beautiful husband it’s not what you say
Tanya it’s how you say it!  So I’m mindful of that all the time.
While it’s good to stay mindful of
softening those sharp edges of my
personality, it’s also important for me to resist the
urge to conform or comply.  For me, that would be dulling
my brilliance.  And, I don’t say that to be
boastful… I say that as a reminder that we all
need to keep shining our light ~  the world
needs our light!
Sometimes what we say can
land on somebody when they
need it to land on them.  When the
student is ready the teacher appears!
So, let’s be kind and gentle with everyone
and everything around us and always
remember that you are the force.
May the
force be with you and, remember,
YOU are the