The opposite of addiction is connection, and this peer-support platform is a valuable resource to connect with your peers to give and receive knowledge from individuals with similar conditions or circumstances. Learning from other people’s experience is beneficial for us to build our own skills, plan and develop our strategies, and fill our tool box to help navigate the flux and flow of life. What is something that has helped you most on your journey, or something that you do that helps you maintain your motivation? Join the meetings, and join the conversation at

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hi I’m Tanya from Red Roof recovery and
I always tell people that there are
hundreds of tools to choose from in your
recovery journey. We have a saying
here at Red Roof recovery that it’s not
just for addictions it’s for life so I’m
always looking for new ways to offer
people new tools for their toolbox
because it’s all about the tools that
we’re using because like I said there
are hundreds of tools to choose from in
your recovery and one of my most recent
affiliations and findings that is
helpful for you to add to your toolbox
is life ring meetings
so I just want to show you uh the
slideshow that we use on our online
so as I said my name is Tanya and I am
an addiction recovery specialist I’ve
been on my own recovery Journey since
2009 spent nine years and 12-step
programs relapsing every year and then
went looking for a secular program
something not
affiliated with religion or higher
so this is life ring life ring is a
secular peer support group welcoming all
people dealing with substance misuse and
addiction as well as those involved in
relationships with them so for every one
person who is challenged by addiction
there are five family members challenged
as well and affected by it
addiction is a family affair for sure
at life ring we make sobriety the top
priority in our lives therefore we don’t
encourage moderation approaches this is
an abstinence oriented program where a
secular support group as I said no
affiliations with religion we use a
science-based recovery method relying on
our consistent efforts we don’t discuss
religion or prayer but life ring
meetings are definitely inclusive for
all addictions we do not discriminate
your addiction is welcome here and all
fallible humans of every culture race
sexual orientation and religion what’s
important is that each person is
available to give support to others and
also taking responsibility for their own
our maving format is very flexible it’s
very simple we just begin the meeting
asking you how was your week and then we
talk about your successes and challenges
of the past week and anything that might
be coming up for you in the following
week we discuss a variety of recovery
topics and we encourage dialogue and
crosstalk we encourage your questions
and also supportive feedback lifering
believes that successful recovery is
achievable through one’s own motivation
and initiative in our meetings there is
a diversity of approaches it’s up to
each of us to decide what does and
doesn’t work for us the main purpose of
the group is to reinforce each other’s
choices to refrain from harmful
substances and behaviors
life ring is an ongoing Workshop
individuals build their own recovery
plan because we’re all different we’re
all different animals our addictions are
different and our recovery is different
and it’s not a Sprint it’s a marathon
you’re learning how to build your
strength and resilience with practice
patience persistence and planning so I
encourage you to check out a life ring
meeting and you can do that in a couple
of ways you can go to
or you can go to and look for the
meetings they we are an international
organization now so it should be fairly
simple for you
to find meetings that will work for your
time schedule
and we like to say that respect honesty
and compassion are always the bywords in
our meetings we want to stay focused on
our own recovery experiences we
definitely learn from each other and
your experience may help someone else
but we don’t give advice we just share
what has and hasn’t worked for us and
our own recovery and of course if you’ve
been to a zoom meeting then you know
that you can make comments in the chat
and you can raise your hand and there’s
all kinds of different reactions that
you can use on zoom and of course as any
recovery meeting doesn’t matter where
you go we like to encourage that you
keep everything that you see
not only what you hear about who you see
is confidential and also just follow
some consideration things when you’re on
a zoom meeting silencing your digital
we also like to pass the Hat when we are
in person I I literally pass a baseball
cap around the room to collect donations
because life ring is a non-profit
volunteer driven organization our
meetings are free but of course
especially keeping up the zoom format we
depend on your donations to keep the
meetings going and growing so please
consider a donation even if you can
forgo a cup of your favorite latte for
the day and send it our way it goes a
long way to keeping the meetings going
and you can do that at
or depending on where you
are in the world
recovery doesn’t happen simply when
substance misuse stops recovery is
achieved by creating a new life we’re
using is no longer an acceptable choice
for us otherwise the factors that led to
our substance misuse and addiction will
eventually bubble to the surface
you don’t have to change everything in
your life just almost everything old
habits behaviors and associations will
continue to bring trouble unless of
course you let them go the more you try
to hold on to the old ways the harder
your recovery is going to be
I like to say there are three solutions
to every problem we either accepted
change it or leave it if you can’t
accept it change it if you can’t change
it leave it many of us have drifted
through our lives without having to
think about who we are or what we want
to be who we want to be and substance
misuse and addiction changes that it
forces us to wake up at least it did me
and it gives you an opportunity to make
changes that are both difficult and
rewarding take advantage of this
opportunity and use it to fundamentally
improve your life don’t just stop using
Create a life that you love a life that
you won’t want or need to escape from
people in recovery often describe
themselves as grateful why would someone
be grateful to be in recovery from
addiction to harmful substances and
well for me uh just like if you’re maybe
uh even diagnosed with a
life-threatening disease people say the
same thing they realize that the Journey
of life and the journey of change has
actually helped them find out who this
amazing person really is and what a more
peaceful existence is all about so we
can either uh you know come to a state
of change through a place of joy and
determination and motivation or a place
of fear uncertainty and doubt life ring
can help you achieve meaningful sobriety
and enhanced Quality of Life by
empowering your sober self so I
encourage you to not only check out
lifering at or but to also keep
looking for something that resonates for
you because that’s what it’s for it’s
for you your recovery is for you and
it’s up to you to customize it to make
it work for you my name is Tanya you can
find me at
and always remember to talk to yourself
like you talk to your best friends we
spend most of our time talking to
ourselves inside our own heads so it’s
worth the effort to make it a nice place
to be May the force be with you and
you are the force talk to you soon