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hello my fellow fallible humans my name
is Tanya McIntyre and this is the Red
Roof recovery show I’m joined today by
my long time partner in marriage and in
life and in business sir lots a lot I
like to call him thank you darling for
being here
thanks for uh
letting me participate
well you have shared my life and lived
with me through my addictions for 20
plus plus years
so I love that you bring the perspective
of a loved one who is living with
someone who is now in recovery from drug
and alcohol addictions I think that
offers a good perspective to a lot of
the friends and family members who are
in the same boat that you found yourself
in from most of our marriage and life
together so I think people do appreciate
hearing your perspective in our
relationship and in my recovery because
my physical sobriety was just the first
uh my emotional sobriety is an ongoing
process and you you are thankfully part
of that with me as well so
I am forever grateful for you hanging in
there with me sweetheart
as we’ve said before that was my choice
the cost benefit analysis has always
worked on your in your favor so there
you go yes I think the cost benefit
analysis is good to use for any major
decision that you’re struggling with in
um as our byline says it’s not just for
addictions it’s for life
this is true
so what’s on the agenda for today my
darling what are we talking about oh I
um of course I get a lot of calls uh
from people who want to inquire about
unique executively appointed residential
recovery program that we run through our
home here in beautiful God Rich Ontario
which is called Canada’s prettiest town
so we are on Lake Huron a beautiful part
of Ontario
we run
like I said it’s an executively
appointed residential program it’s quite
unique I don’t think there’s anything
else like it definitely not in the
Ontario Market that I’m aware of and my
idea of course around this was uh from a
variety of factors of course when
covid-19 hit we both found ourselves in
a position where we had to find a way to
sustain ourselves through our retirement
and the only other thing I knew was
recovery and I think because I’ve I
spent so long I spent eight years in
12-step programs relapsing every year
and then when I found cognitive
therapies through smart self-management
and Recovery training
that definitely was a game changer for
me because I managed for the first time
in my recovery journey to sustain my
recovery I was I just celebrated uh in
so I came to Smart in 2018 and I
celebrated in 2022 at the recording of
this episode I celebrated four
consecutive years of abstinence from my
drug and alcohol addictions
so I’m passionate about sharing what has
worked for me and I don’t believe that
it takes a long time to recover uh you
know we’ve developed this infrastructure
and mindset around 30 day 60 day 90 day
120 day residential recovery stays in
you know a group setting a boxed program
and I don’t think it works for a lot of
um that’s the feedback that I’m getting
for a lot of people who end up here who
have been through the 30 60 90 or 120
day rehab experiences and feel the same
way that I did it doesn’t work for the
majority of people however our
government keeps spending millions of
dollars on these programs without any
accountability for results
so I wanted to prove in an outcome study
that I could do in one week what’s not
being done in 30 days and I could do it
better less expensively and more
effectively for sure so Red Roof
recovery was born and we are having
great success with it and of course the
key is to keep educating yourself and of
course stay engaged in your recovery
because recovery doesn’t take long what
it takes is a persistent willingness to
exert consistent efforts to help
yourself and I offer a lifetime
Aftercare in this program
so what I’d like to talk about is the
the expectations of someone when they go
into recovery
and if I could just ask you to uh speak
a little bit louder sweetheart as well
as well I can’t speak
expectations around rehab programs yes
so what I have noticed when um
when I’ve spoken to people who have been
into rehab programs and
there’s an expectation that
it’s a magic wand you go in
you spend your one week all your 30 days
60 days 90 days 120 days whatever it is
and you come out the other end
and I was wondering when you went into
rehab in Spain
and I come and picked you up you were
like the old person that I’d married
you’re clear-eyed you were vibrant and
you’d had a month of sobriety
in this facility
what went wrong
as in you came out and
you started drinking again
so was the expectation that you’d done
the work
and everything was going to be fine now
well I think clearly there was a level
of expectation that there was a lack of
Aftercare there wasn’t even a whole lot
of discussion I didn’t have a plan for
my exit what’s the Exit Plan there was
no exit plan from this particular
program now I should also mention that
this was a 12th step program in a
residential rehab
it’s always a smaller
a smaller facility I was lucky that I
had my own bedroom and my own bathroom
so a little more conducive I think to
Healing For Me